About puyabast

PuyaBast began its activity In 2004. The first and only manufacturer of Aluminum Scaffolding and Access Towers Located in the town of Isfahan .
The company has the most advanced industrial automation systems and robots with personnel trained and experienced welders effective steps to improve the quality of their products is done.

Our products included of :Aluminum Scaffolding Single-Width, Aluminum Scaffolding double width, Stairway Mobile Scaffold Tower, 1Piece Podium, Folding Platform Scaffold

The Advantages of Aluminum Scaffold:

- Faster Assembly/Disassembly - Aluminum scaffolding goes up very quickly.
- Light weight and portable

- Aluminum scaffolding can also be very stable

- Easier to carry

- Less labor required for erection and dismantling

- Easier to handle components - lighter parts

Comparing Aluminum and Steel Scaffolding Solutions for a Standard House

Activities and Services:

- Production industrial Scaffolding , construction, service, home safety

- Professional design and manufacture according to the latest methods of the world

- Timely delivery of every order

- Technical support

using in various industries:

Construction industry, contractors, painters, architects
Oil, Gas, Petrochemical
Installers, maintenance and industrial equipment

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