Why Aluminum Scaffold Tower

Aluminum Scaffolds are widely known in the construction industry as one of the best type of towers with a number of advantages over some other kinds of Scaffolding and Ladders. Some of the major advantages are : easy to use, flexibility, light-weight, and appropriate for storage after work. One of the best advantage of an Aluminum system over Steel system is its weight. The material difference affects largely on the efficiency of a scaffolding crew’s ability to erect and dismantle a system on-site, and the transportation of the components. Initially, an Aluminum tower may be more expensive but over time, the handling benefits will work in your favor.

Aluminum scaffolding is widely known for having a large number of advantages over the other kinds of scaffolding towers. Many of the advantages are concerned with the convenience of the use and the high flexibility of the aluminum scaffolding. Furthermore, the aluminum scaffolding even provides quite easy set up in several different cases. This type of scaffolding is even less probable to experience wear and tear and corrosion resistant. Thus, the aluminum scaffold is more long-lasting than any other to opt for scaffolding.

Some of the great features of Aluminum Scaffold Tower are as follows:

• The aluminum scaffolding structures are known to employ special aluminum alloy that is they are nearly 75% lighter than the normal steel frame.
• High connecting support and strength parts: Such aluminum parts make use of the external pressure and the internal expansion of the cold-working process.
• Simple and quick installation: The installation of the aluminum scaffolding is quite simple and quicker. It is well-equipped with casters of high strength which are removable as per the need.
• The overall aluminum scaffolding system is known as the “building blocks” combination design that does not need any type of the installation tools.
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